Fullers Sugarhouse Awards

Fuller’s Sugarhouse maple products are consistently rated Best in New Hampshire – Best in World. If you are looking for the best maple syrup in New Hampshire, read on….

  • Rachel Ray’s EveryDay magazine (July/August 2015) featured Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple candy as one of the top mail order treats in the US.
  • Fuller’s Sugarhouse has been a Certified Best Of NH Grand business for the past four years. Certified Best of New Hampshire Grand businesses are retail shops that are worth driving for and have gone through a strict vetting process to ensure that they are the best businesses that Northern New Hampshire has to offer.
  • Best Of Fuller’s New Hampshire Maple Syrup wins 4th Place in Yankee Magazine’s Best Maple Syrup Contest Read the article here
  • Gourmet magazine lists Fuller’s Sugarhouse as one of the top ten! (2006)
  • “Best Maple Syrup in the World” by the North American Maple Syrup Council  (October 2002)
    Fuller’s Sugarhouse was awarded 1st place for our light amber maple syrup, 1st place for our maple candy, 1st place for our maple cream, and Best Of Show for our light amber maple syrup. Entries are judged for density, clarity, flavor, and presentation (packaging). In this competition, there are three judges: one from Canada, one from the host state, and one from the remaining states. Blind judging is used. Each entry has a number with no reference to the producer. After the judging is done the entry of each category with the highest score wins.
  • “Best Maple Syrup Producer in New Hampshire (January 2002) — Carlisle Trophy
    To be eligible for this award, a New Hampshire maple producer must place in the top three positions in a New Hampshire Agricultural Fair and participate in the annual New Hampshire Maple Producers Association competition. For this competition, the judges include a New Hampshire state inspector and two of his (her) peers. The entry is judged for density, clarity, flavor and presentation (packaging) with a perfect score of 100 points. Points are deducted for any discrepancies in each category and each score is added together for the total per entry. The entry with the highest score (the least discrepancies) wins the Carlisle Trophy.