February 2016

Sap is Running Early this Year

Dave Fuller boils sap to make maple syrup










It’s late February and Fuller’s Sugarhouse has already completed its first of several boils. The sap is running early because of the warm spell at the beginning of the month. Boiling started on February 3 — the earliest that Fuller’s Sugarhouse has ever boiled and a month earlier than usual.

It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Because early sap has a lower sugar content, it took Fuller’s Sugarhouse 75 gallons of the early sap to make one gallon of maple syrup in the first boil; the second boil took 47 gallons of sap.

“In the past, the mindset was you don’t tap in January or February, you wait until closer to March,” said Dave Fuller, “but with advances in sugaring technology, notably vacuum pumps, and given the vagaries of the weather, more producers are starting earlier. And tapping the trees earlier does not hurt them.” Dave considers the early February warm spell “a little gift.”  

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Maple Syrup on Snow

Enjoy maple syrup snow cups from 11 am to 3 pm at Labelle Winery in Amherst, NH.
Enter to win a maple gift basket! Please stop by and say hello!



Spring Delight — Sugar on Snow

Sugar on SnowSugar on Snow is a longstanding Fuller’s Sugarhouse tradition to celebrate the maple sugaring season and the coming of Spring. Plan to visit Fuller’s Sugarhouse during Maple Weekend, March 19 & 20 to enjoy some sugar on snow and see how its made.

The quality of the maple syrup makes sugar on snow a special treat. To make it yourself, you’ll need two ingredients:  

  • Pure maple syrup (Fuller’s Sugarhouse syrup is best), about 1/4 c. per person
  • A pan of clean snow  NOTE: The snow is not eaten–it merely serves to cool the maple syrup. Crushed or shaved ice may be used in the summer.

Put the amount of maple syrup desired in a heavy pot. Boil slowly to approximately 232 degrees F. A little butter onto the rim of the pot will help to prevent it from boiling over. Test for readiness by dropping small amounts onto a pan of snow or ice. The syrup should stay on top of the surface. When the maple syrup is ready, put some in a heat proof pitcher and drizzle it over the prepared snow, moving quickly to different areas of the dish. Use a fork and lift the chewy delicacy from the snow. It can be wound around the fork like spaghetti. Traditionally it’s served with sour pickles to cut the sweetness, and saltines or plain doughnuts.

Maple Production Expansion Plans Underway

Fuller’s Sugarhouse is pleased to announce that a new expansion — the Fuller’s Maple Farms project — will further enhance its ability to produce the Best in New Hampshire – Best in World pure maple syrup and maple products.  

Fuller’s Sugarhouse will tapping maple trees located on a 723 acre parcel within the 10,000-plus-acre “working” Randolph Community Forest.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new project!

Maple Syrup Grades: What Happened to Grade B?

Fuller's Sugarhouse NH Maple Leaf BottlesIn early 2015, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) established new maple syrup grades that are based on color and taste.The darker the color, the more intense the maple flavor.

The Grade B label has been eliminated and descriptive terms have been added to Grade A label:

  • US Grade A Light Amber will now be called US Grade A Golden -Delicate Taste
  • US Grade A Medium Amber and US Grade A Dark Amber will become one grade and now be called US Grade A Amber – Rich Taste
  • US Grade B will now be called US Grade A Dark – Robust Taste

All maple syrup produced by Fuller’s Sugarhouse is labelled and sold under this grading system. We continue to provide the highest quality and best tasting syrup possible.

Visit us during Maple Weekend:March 19 & 20 Open House: 10 am – 3 pm

Pouring Fuller's Sugahrouse NH Maple Syrup on SnowMaple Weekend is the sweetest time of the year — the best time to  come to Fuller’s Sugarhouse, located on 267 Main Street in Lancaster (NH). During March 19 & 20, we invite you to join us for FREE sugar-on-snow, coffee and donuts from 10 am
to 3 pm. Take a tour of our facility and learn about the centuries-old craft of maple sugaring. If we have sap, we will be boiling, so watch for the steam!

Our Country Store has a huge selection of maple products, as well as other great New England products.

Can’t make it during Maple Weekend? You can always purchase our Best in NH – Best in the World! maple products at many fine retail shops, located throughout New Hampshire and beyond.
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What’s Your Story?

I love maple syrup

How much do you love maple syrup? Here’s one story we heard recently:

When Pam, a fan of Fuller’s Sugarhouse, introduced her 87-year-old mom, Pat, to our pure maple syrup, Pat got hooked. So much so, that during a recent visit to mom, Pat greeted Pam’s husband at the door not with a hello but with an empty Fuller’s Sugarhouse jug and a request for more.

If you love maple syrup, we want to hear your story!
Post it on our Facebook page and share a photo. We will select one each month for a special maple gift.