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September 30, 2016

Fuller’s Sugarhouse Expands its Family Maple Business

Maple sugaring is a passion for the Fuller family.
Maple sugaring is a passion for the Fuller family. Shown here in front of Fuller’s Sugarhouse in Lancaster are (LtoR) Russell, Ed, James, and Dave.

(Lancaster, NH) – Fuller’s Sugarhouse is making progress on its Fuller Maple Farm project — an expansion that will further enhance its ability to produce the Best in New Hampshire – Best in World pure maple syrup and maple products.  Fuller’s Sugarhouse, a family-owned and operated business, is also pleased to announce that Jim Fuller, son of the owners Dave and Patti Fuller, has joined the operation to assist with the new expansion and carry on the Fuller family’s maple sugaring heritage.

The Fuller Maple Farm project includes the construction of a new 40×80 ft sugarhouse on Route 2 in Jefferson (NH) and one million feet of piping to transport sap directly from the maple trees to the sugarhouse for production. The new sugarhouse and sugar bush are located on a 723-acre parcel within the 10,000-plus-acre Randolph Community Forest. The sugarhouse construction is expected to be completed by the beginning of November.

The sugarhouse will contain an evaporator and three climate-controlled tanks with a combined capacity of 18,000 gallons. “The sap will be piped directly into climate-controlled tanks inside of the new sugarhouse and not be exposed to air until production,” says owner Dave Fuller. “This gives us even more control over the final product and continue our ability to ensure food safety and quality.” Another advantage of having the sugarhouse in close proximity to the sugar bush is that visitors interested in learning how maple syrup is produced will see the entire maple syrup production process in one location. Fuller expects that this maple syrup production will increase the size of his current operation.

All the maple syrup produced from the Fuller Maple Farm will be packaged in the current Fuller’s Sugarhouse facility on 267 Main Street in Lancaster. The Country Store, which is part of the sugarhouse facility, will continue to sell Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple products, along with other quality products from the region.

Fuller was 17 years old when he started his first sugarhouse, a small shack in the woods with a mud floor and a used evaporator that cost him $300. Over the years, the business grew and Dave Fuller and his wife Patti established the sugarhouse and Country Store in downtown Lancaster to be more accessible to visitors. The Fuller Maple Farm is the next evolution for the Fullers. “It took a lifetime to get to this point,” said Dave. “This is truly a labor of love.”

February 17, 2015

Fuller’s Sugarhouse Maple Syrup to Comply with New 2015 USDA Grading System

(Lancaster, NH) – All maple syrup produced by Fuller’s Sugarhouse in 2015 will be labelled and sold under the new grades recently established by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The maple industry in the US and Canada have been working together with the regulatory agencies to standardize the labelling terms. “Pure maple syrup is graded based on color and taste. The new grading system uses descriptive terms, giving customers a better understanding of what they’re buying,” said Dave Fuller, owner of Fuller’s Sugarhouse. The USDA requires all maple producers to implement this system by the end of 2015. “We will sell our remaining containers of syrup that were labelled in 2014. Going forward, we will be using the new grade names for our products,” said Fuller. “As we make these changes, the one constant is that we will continue to provide the highest quality and best tasting syrup possible.”

Under the new system, the Grade B label has been eliminated and descriptive terms have been added to Grade A label:
•    US Grade A Light Amber will now be called US Grade A Golden – Delicate Taste
•    US Grade A Medium Amber and US Grade A Dark Amber will become one grade and now be called US Grade A Amber – Rich Taste
•    US Grade B will now be called US Grade A Dark – Robust Taste

About Fuller’s Sugarhouse
Since 1972, Fuller’s Sugarhouse, family-owned and operated business, has been producing quality, award-winning maple syrup, candy, cream, and sugar, sold at the sugarhouse on 267 Main Street in Lancaster, NH, online at www.fullerssugarhouse.com, and at retailers throughout the Northeast. Fuller’s maple syrup has been judged the best in New Hampshire and the world by national and international maple syrup organizations. The state-of-the-art sugarhouse incorporates maple production, packaging and sales – all in one building. Each spring, Fuller’s taps more than 10,500 maple trees and boils down more than 174,000 gallons of maple sap to produce more than 4,000 gallons of maple syrup.