Sweet News from Fuller’s Sugarhouse — Halloween Edition

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A Destination for Outdoor Gear…and Pure Maple Products   

L. L. Cote – outdoor retailer in New Hampshire

LL Cote, a destination outdoor retailer located in the “skinny part of New Hampshire,” owns the intersection of US Routes 26 and 16 in Errol.  Serving visitors who are touring the Granite State’s Great North Woods and Maine’s Western Mountains, the store also draws outdoorsmen and women who travel as much as three hours to get quality gear and the expertise that comes from more than 30 years of experience.

Truly a family enterprise, the LL in LL Cote represents the founding couple, Louise and Luke. The next generation, a daughter and son, Kristina and Shawn now manage the day-to-day operations with their parents making guest appearance from time to time. LL Cote currently carries more than one millions SKUs (stock keeping units) from clothing to camping gear, housewares to hunting equipment and pure maple products from Fuller’s Sugarhouse.

Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple candy and syrup move quickly from the special maple display, which is located near the checkout counters. “Fuller’s products sell like crazy,” said Kristina. The best selling item is the maple sugar candy moose, not surprising since moose are a major attraction for visitors to the North Country.

Kristina greatly appreciates the level of attention Fuller’s Sugarhouse provides to their operation. “If anyone from Fuller’s is in the neighborhood, they will deliver our order in person, saving us shipping charges,” said Kristina.”Tourists love maple, and Fuller’s Sugarhouse is constantly on the re-order list.”

How to Use Maple Syrup in Your Holiday Baking

Baking with pure NH maple syrupThis holiday season, sweeten up your baking recipes the natural way — with Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple syrup and sugar. Maple adds another dimension of sweetness and distinctive flavor to any baked good.

Instead of granulated sugar, use maple syrup. Use 3Ž/4 cup of maple syrup for each cup of granulated sugar you are replacing. To compensate for the syrup’s added liquid, reduce other liquid ingredients by approximately 1/Ž4 cup.

Maple sugar can be substituted for regular sugar in the same amount.

Another great reason to use maple syrup is that it is a healthier alternative to sugar and other sweeteners. Maple syrup is lower in calories, high in healthful antioxidants, and includes essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.  

Put Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple syrup and sugar on your list of go-to holiday baking ingredients.

Sweet Homemade Halloween Treats

This Halloween, skip the store-bought candy and hand out some delicious homemade treats. These candies, donuts, and cupcakes are so good, you will want to make more so you can keep some for yourself. Click on the images below for recipes.

Maple Cupcakes recipe using pure NH maple syrup from Fuller's Sugarhouse







Maple Glazed Donut recipe using pure NH maple syrup from Fuller's Sugarhouse







Maple Cream Chocolates recipe using pure NH maple syrup from Fuller's Sugarhouse




Where to Buy Fuller’s Sugarhouse Pure Maple Products

Our Best in NH-Best in World, pure maple syrup, sugar, and candy are available at many retail

stores throughout New England. Click here for a list. You can also visit our Country Store on 267 Main Street in Lancaster or you can order our products online.